VELUX 3in1 roof window has been carefully designed to maximize the amount of daylight entering a home

Create an impressive panoramic view with the new 3-in-1 roof window, bringing even more light into your life. What could be better than the classic convenience of a VELUX roof window? The 3-in-1 roof window has slimmer profiles, allowing you to enjoy even more daylight and ventilation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Increase daylight VELUX 3-in-1’s roof window design invites in an abundance of light
  • Panoramic view - Enjoy an extensive view to the outside with extra slim frame profiles

Product Details

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  • Required products 

    For perfect installation of VELUX Combi solutions your installer needs:

    • High quality VELUX GEL roof terrace 
    • Dedicated flashing to fit your roofing material 
    • Insulation products: insulated frame, underfelt collar and vapour barrier
  • Frame materials

    3in1 roof window material

    VELUX windows in wood are available in white varnished finish.

  • Accessories

    Shutters and Sun-screening products

    VELUX has a full selection of roller shutters, heat protection awnings, pleated blinds and blackout blinds that are designed specifically for your new roof windows. Choose the VELUX sun protection that meets your exact needs from our comprehensive product range. The products can be easily installed using VELUX’s innovative easy and fast installation system.
  • Roof Pitch Information

    The VELUX 3in1 roof window combination can be installed in roof pitch ranges from 15° to 90°.

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