A lot of work

When it comes to finding the right place for your family, some people compromise. Other people set their priorities straight, and don’t get scared of rolling their sleeves up in the hopes they create the perfect home for themselves and their loved ones. Matthias and Vivian Förster knew they wanted a modern, art-infused, sunbathed home for their family, and they craved an outside place where their children can play and the adults can relax. Unfortunately, living spaces with a garden are in short supply in Hamburg. So when the couple found one, the fact that there was a lot of work to be done didn't scare off this planner and communication designer duo. They saw the opportunity to create their dream home, and they went for it!

Months of living in an active construction site were worth the payoff 

Creating a new, modern home from this outdated property was not a piece of cake, but in the end, it did work to go through all the trouble and live in an active construction while managing their family life as well. The couple was very clear about what they want and how they can achieve it. When it comes to creating a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere for living, the numerous new windows in the roof and façade play a key role: They make the house light and airy, making the formerly dated look what it should be: a thing of the past.

Tons of daylight was a must in the couple's plans. The two generous electric roof windows facing opposite each other not only illuminate the upper corridor and staircase, but also the hallway on the ground floor. "We wanted maximum brightness across the entire width of the corridor", said Matthias Förster (homeowner) when explaining the two swing windows from VELUX. "As a result, we practically never switch on the lights in the daytime."

Benefits of natural ventilation and daylight with VELUX roof windows

The roof windows also help with natural ventilation, something that was also a priority for this family with small children, ensuring their home is not just looking good on pictures, but provides a healthy, safe place for those who are living inside. "Especially in the bathroom, it is very pleasant that, after showering, for example, the humid air can quickly and easily move out through the roof window", explains Vivian Förster (homeowner). In addition, the Försters benefit from what is known as the chimney effect, the most effective form of natural ventilation.

Windows also create a lovely and active space for the couple’s two little boys to play. Two VELUX roof windows open the space to the south at different heights, so six-year-old Mateo and his little brother can have fun in the daylight or do their homework later on.

"Living through six months of construction was absolutely worth it. We knew exactly what we wanted and implemented it bit by bit"
- Vivian and Matthias Förster, homeowners
Airy attic

The modern, art-infused home is not just a perfect space for children to grow and guests to be amused, but it also offers a quality space for the couple to rest, recharge and enjoy their time together. In the attic, their bedroom, the couple designed the bed themselves with a tent-shaped wooden roof. VELUX roof windows also provide plenty of natural light in the master bedroom and in the family bathroom. With tons of natural light, white walls, and a pop of color, this home is an ideal canvas for art pieces and a picture-perfect family life to live under the sunbathed roof.

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