Before the work, the spaces were dark and underused

In it’s original state, not many people could have been bothered to look at this dark, unwelcoming apartment twice. Fortunately, Luigi Sala saw the potential where no one else did. He envisioned a light, open space and he was sure once daylight fills the space, it will change everything. After he purchased the apartment, changes happened: the top-floor apartment in the centre of Milan had broken-up and complicated areas, with dark and inhospitable spaces. Overhead light has allowed the spaces to breathe, enhancing their functionality and aesthetic appeal. From being a place for passing through, the hallway has become the central node of the home, making it like the apartment is a completely new space.

Main benefits of VELUX roof windows

Designing the light made the home more functional and interesting at the same time: with its variations, natural light has made spaces more distinctive, giving them personality and warmth. Solar-powered roller shutters also provide privacy and protection against too much sunlight: the shutters driven by solar power offer 100% blackout, 95% heat reduction, and noise reduction all in one solution, which means total protection from the elements in any climate and any time of year.

Rooms are now more spacious and usable, thanks to the light that penetrates deep into the rooms, the whole house can breathe.

The installation of the windows has increased the overhead space, especially on the landing, enhancing a space that was previously only functional.

The spaces look larger and more liveable

Before the work, the apartment was very dark. Thanks to the renovation and the lighting solutions considered with VELUX, spaces have been expanded, looking larger and more livable. Now, the light is constantly changing, over both the day and night, creating a special atmosphere. This was done by easy-to-manage windows installed into the roof. Solar-powered and VELUX electric roof windows are ideal for out-of-reach situations, such as vaulted ceilings. This innovative system of remote-controlled windows, blinds, and shutters lets you open and close them with just a touch of a button. With the wall switch, you can reach every window easier and faster. Perfect for those out-of-reach spots, they’re the ultimate choice for fresh air and better indoor comfort.

Erika Galdi,


In renovating the apartment, natural light has played a key role both quantitatively and qualitatively. The detailed lighting design has given life to spaces full of character, customised in line with the owner’s tastes.

In the renovation, natural light has played an essential role

When hunting for the perfect home, many people step back from dark and dungy spaces, which is understandable, as they are not the homes we wish for ourselves. But with the right conditions and a little bit of imagination you might have the chance to get yourself a home that most people could not even dream about. Luigi saw his chances, took an offer and a place that was not pleasant at all for anyone, and now he is the happy owner of his beautiful, sunbathed apartment with a perfect location – a home that he might not afford in its current state. "I fell in love with this home as soon as I saw it, and I grabbed it immediately. In the renovation, natural light has played an essential role: it now feels like we are living in a villa rather than an apartment in the center of Milan, surrounded by buildings", Luigi Sala, the homeowner.

"A special light comes in during both the day and night"
- Luigi Sala, homeowner
The most important issue to be solved in this home was the light

Luigi’s home is a perfect example of the importance of light: when it was introduced to this home, it changed everything. Installation of the windows has increased the overhead space and natural light has brought the character to an apparently unusable area like the landing, transforming it into a rather distinctive communication element.

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