Outgrowing the traditional three bedroom home

The decision for Patrick and Laura Jackson to purchase their 1930's semi-detached home in historic York was an easy one. The property had clear scope for carrying out a loft conversion, something the couple knew they would need as their family grew. They looked at the home as a canvas, on which they can paint their dream future. And for this family, everything went according to plan!

Now, 5 years later, the arrival of their second child has meant the family outgrew their traditional three-bedroom home, originally spread over two floors. Luckily, they were prepared, and ready to do some work on the house, which has now been transformed into a four-bedroom home over three floors, thanks to a light and airy loft conversion. Actually, it was a fun project they couldn’t wait to work on!

Patrick, 35, and Laura, 34, are both lawyers and live with sons Laurie, 3, and Rudy, 8 months. Patrick shares more about the project, “On our first viewing it was clear that our home had the potential for conversion. That’s what we were most excited about when we made the purchase. The first project we undertook after we moved in was a ground floor single-storey extension, which was designed to give us additional living space downstairs.”
With the new layout, the home was comfortable for the family of three, but Patrick and Laura knew they will need more space, as they planned to welcome one more tiny member to their family. “We still needed an extra bedroom upstairs, especially as we look ahead to the kids getting bigger. So, we looked at the space available in the loft with our architect, Design4Architecture, and it was clear that there was a sizeable unused loft area that could be turned into an amazing space.”

Ideal for out-of-reach window situations

Solar-powered and electric VELUX roof windows are the ideal roof window for out-of-reach situations, such as vaulted ceilings. This innovative system of remote-controlled windows, blinds, and shutters lets you open and close them with just a touch of a button. With the wall switch, you can reach every window easier and faster. Perfect for those out-of-reach spots, they’re the ultimate choice for fresh air and better indoor comfort.

With the new design and opening up the space, the family home is now fitting their needs but remained an interesting, fun, and cool space. The couple’s resulting loft conversion features a master bedroom and en suite. It has also enhanced the existing first-floor box room, which they’ve turned into a nursery for Rudy. The loft conversion enabled them to take the ceiling out in Rudy's nursery to create a more interesting room. Patrick says: “When we knew we were doing the loft conversion, we wanted to let in as much daylight as possible, so went for larger VELUX roof windows in the bedroom, along with smaller ones in the stairwell and box room.”

The family worked with Howard Knowles, External Façade and Design Consultant and local builder, York Building & Roofing, who carried out all the building work and installed four center-pivot VELUX electric roof windows, two of which are electric, along with VELUX blackout blinds.

"We knew that we wanted to use VELUX roof windows given the brand’s reputation for quality and product choice."
- Patrick, homeowner

Electric blackout blinds

The perfect choice for a kid’s room because they can block all the daylight out, making naptime more smooth and more calming. They can also manage the heat in the room, which is an important virtue as many parents don’t like to use AC in children’s rooms. With the electric solution, parents can also make sure the blinds are easy to manage and safe to use, as there are no cords around the windows.

Opening up untapped space

Patrick added: “We wanted duo blackout blinds to keep the glare from street lights out of the bedroom at night but also act as a sun shade during the day to help us control the heat coming in. We purchased the VELUX electric blackout blind for the box room where Rudy sleeps, as the ceiling is quite high and difficult to reach. All the blinds are great, we’re really pleased with them.”

Undertaking their loft conversion was challenging with small children in the house, however, the family is very pleased with the space. Instead of being crowded and forced to use half solutions, they have a comfortable life in their home with sunbathed, open, and airy spaces, where kids can play and adults can work, rest, and they all can enjoy quality time together. Patrick said: “Our loft conversion has enabled us to open up space we didn’t think we had. We have taken the ceiling out of our small first-floor bedroom and used what would otherwise have just been eaves storage in the loft to create a perfect-sized nursery. We now have a bright, airy, and luxurious bedroom and en suite for us, along with an additional bedroom for the kids to enjoy.”

"Our loft conversion has enabled us to open up space we didn’t think we had."
- Patrick, homeowner
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