Having a sun-filled, comfortable apartment in the middle of the city, and still being connected to nature is an opportunity one cannot miss. That’s how the owners of this flat in Wrocław, Poland, felt when they first came across the project creating apartments in the attic of a big building.
Living on the top of a building has many advantages, including less air and noise pollution. However, more often than not, it comes with a price. When the attic of this building was turned into apartments, architect XX wanted to create a space where said advantages meet only more benefits.

VELUX windows are easy to combine, which gives architectures a lot of options to create a bigger window, perfectly fitting to the room. The connection to the outside was achieved by terraces, making you feel like you are standing on top of the world.

VELUX roof terrace windows give you access to outside terraces when they're open, and lots of daylight when they're closed.

If you want a beautiful panoramic view or more natural ventilation, you can open the upper section of the roof terrace window. If you want to go outside, simply open both the top and bottom sections to create a doorway.


Apartments in the attics often feel closed and somewhat disconnected, that’s why people tend to not feel so comfortable in them. As humans, we are just wired to look further, to have a connection with our surroundings. That’s why we built in combined VELUX roof windows, as they offer a wider view and they come lower in the wall, so they provide a view to the outside, even when you are sitting in the room.

“It is just something so special” – says the owner of one of the apartments says. “We are living on the top of the building, but thanks to the huge windows, it does not feel like an attic at all. We have a beautiful view, so I never feel claustrophobic. Many attic apartment can feel like you are in a box with some light entering from above, but here you feel like you are just lifted to the sky. The view, the clouds and as the sun hits the rooms in different angles in different hours – that’s just makes you feel connected to the outside world and to the nature.”

In the whole complex, more than 500 VELUX windows were used to achieve this open, sunbathed atmosphere the owners of the apartment can now enjoy every day.

“Stepping out to the terrace and being above the city in the morning with a cup of coffee, or looking at the streetlights come up in the evening from your couch is far from compromising with living in an attic; it feels more like you are living your very best life in a place with unique aptitudes.”

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