When the renovation planning started, this building in Slovenia didn’t have much, but a good location. It was obvious that the surroundings should be utilized, but the owners also wanted to have a modern loft look instead of the classical vacation home-vibe.

Opening up the space with flat roof windows

„The huge windows were a must to create this new look by opening up the space” – the architect says. „Windows in the ceiling added the extra wow-effect that I was looking for. I wanted to open up the space even more, and channeling the sunlight from every angle did the job. This way, you actually feel like you are spending your day on the beach, where the sun just moves above your head as the hours passes by. VELUX offers a complete range of flat roof windows to suit all projects, from innovative curved and flat glass rooflights to traditional domes, so finding the perfect option for this building was so easy.”

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

The VELUX flat glass rooflight is part of our new generation rooflights. The beautiful design brings the magic of daylight into your home. A unique design, slim frame and invisible sash give you maximum daylight, even when you have a blind installed. The flat glass rooflight has 2- or 3-layer glazing that delivers excellent energy performance whilst reducing noise when it rains, hails or when there's traffic.

Soft materials that were used in the home are in contrast with the crisp air of the mountains outside. The sunshine channeled inside almost creates a bridge between the inside and the outside, opening up the space and it brings the feeling of nature into the home.

The apartment is in the middle of the city, yet it is high enough to offer a view to the mountains and only the highest buildings, like the churchtower is in the line of sight. Creating a city-space with modern, yet timeless elements and establishing a connection with nature was the best thing that could have happened to this space, combining the best of both worlds.

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