When an architect got free reign in imagining what this classic, yet slightly boring house could become, the ideas ran wild and the outcome turned out to be breathtaking. „Most people don’t realize how much natural light and a view of nature means, and what difference it can make” the architect says. „With the right windows, bringing in those qualities are much easier than one would think."

In the bedroom, additional windows and roof terraces turned the dull, ordinary and dark room into a bright, exciting and luxurious-feeling space for the adults where mornings are filled with energy.

VELUX roof terrace windows give you access to outside terraces when they're open, and lots of daylight when they're closed. It gives you the opportunity to start your day drinking your coffee in the fresh air while you are still in your bedroom – living the high life that is usually only experienced in fancy hotels.

If you want a beautiful panoramic view or more natural ventilation, you can open the upper section of the roof terrace window. If you want to go outside simply open both the top and bottom sections to create a doorway.

Adding additional roof windows is the fastest way to dramatically improve the feeling of space and openness in your home, and when you have the option to combine them any way you want, that creates the chance to make rooms even brighter and even dramatic.
With VELUX roof windows you can customize your own unique combination to truly personalise your space. There's a solution for every need whether it's side-by-side, top & bottom or square solution you're looking for. Whatever combination you have in mind, you can make your daylight dreams a reality.

Single roof windows are perfect solutions for small spaces, like staircases. In this home the light from above makes moving on the stairs safer, and at the same time it opens up the space and makes the whole look more modern and chic – who would've known that a simple, functional staircase can have such a dramatic effect?
The colour palette of the home mostly consists of neutrals, creating a calming, peaceful, clean and modern environment. Wooden windows are fitting to this aesthetic, yet the splash of color on the yellow blinds brings some playfulness into the kid’s room. Blinds are also a great solution to moderate sunlight, whether your little ones need more brightness to play, read or learn; dimmed light for preparing to go to bed, listening to stories and relaxing, or even complete darkness for a good night's sleep or afternoon snooze.
After the renovation, this somewhat dull and simple home was able to turn into a house filled with light and luxurious feeling, and it nests a perfect family home under the classical windows.

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